Ipsy January 2017 Review



Ciate Gelology Top Coat in clear
I used this top coat over a lovely gray polish that had some shimmer to it. I feel like if I had more time to let it dry it would have turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, I never get a few hours to literally let paint dry – nail polish that is – and so I naturally smudged a few fingers and creased up the rest when I went to bed. I also feel like if I had just used a solid color with no shimmer the top coat would look much better. I will be re-doing this polish again for Valentine’s Day with a hot red and hopefully that will look much better.
My nails did chip but not a lot. I’ll take a picture the next time I use the polish.

-417 Hand Cream
This hand cream was surprisingly wonderful. The hand creams I’ve gotten from Ipsy in the past are almost always too greasy and they don’t seem to soak in. This cream from -417 doesn’t sit on the skin too long before it soaks in and made my hands super soft. The downside was that the soft feeling didn’t last long before I was tempted to put on more.

Pacifica Blushious Blush in Wildrose
So far, all of my Pacifica samples from Ipsy have been spot on. And can we talk about how adorable this packaging is? I would probably buy it just for that. I love that this is a brand that I can easily find in stores (Target, Ulta) and not have to venture to the internet to buy. I love this blush, it’s shiny and a great color. I am loving the highlighter trend of right now and this is probably going to be one of my new staples.

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm lipgloss in Method To The Madness
I loved the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish I received a few months ago, so I had high expectations for this brand. First of all, I love that this product is cruelty free, vegan, and “10 free”. This sample is a generous size, and the name is on point. This is where the good stuff ended. When I put the product on it was very sheer and definitely a gloss. I prefer a matte finish on my lips, otherwise my hair gets all stuck to my lips. I would also prefer if the color was more pigmented.


it Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye illumination in light
It Cosmetics has always done good by me. I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed by one of their items. I like that Ipsy sends out these higher end samples in addition to the drug store buys. I’ve previously gotten concealer from it Cosmetics that could be used on the under eye area, but I was super excited to use this. I do suffer from dark under eye circles but they are (unfortunately) just part of my genes. I can get 9+ hours of sleep for weeks and still have them. My dad passed them along to me, and while I try to embrace it I sometimes can’t help but but feel like others wonder if I ever get any sleep.

Thoughts on the Makeup Bag
I am not a fan of this months makeup bag. It feels very industrial and I probably won’t use it often. The bags are usually a hit or miss – I love some of them, and hate others. I already have a ton of the makeup bags so I’m not too disappointed by this months bag – I can always give it away or find a use for it somehow.



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