Birchbox January 2017 Review

Hello 2017

bbrowbar “Brow Definer” in Cinnamon Spice
I was expecting great things from this ‘brow definer’ – maybe I’m using it wrong. But it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do. I typically will use a brow pencil to outline my brows, then use powder to fill them in, and I’ll blend the pencil into the powder to finish. This pencil did not blend at all. I used this pencil the following day to fill in my brows, and it got the job done but just was not my favorite item ever. This item retails at $25.00 for a full size pencil.
Final thoughts: I’ll stick to my Ulta brand brow pencil and brow powder.

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum
I wasn’t sure what to think about this serum when I got it. With little to no information on the package, I ventured to the internet. This hair serum is for medium to coarse hair. It can be used while hair is wet or dry. I prefer to use products on dry hair.


Odacite Skincare Pimple Serum
I’ve never heard of the brand Odacite, so I was excited to try it out. I wish I could have gotten a couple of the different serums and not just the one, but I digress. This sample smelled lovely – unlike many other spot treatments that just smell like chemicals. I used this serum on a couple of spots that I have that are deeper than just your average spot. I was surprised to say that after a few uses I could tell that the spots were coming up to the surface. I tried to use this spot treatment on a regular zit, but didn’t have as much success as I would have with a traditional spot treatment with salicylic acid. But I was impressed with how it tackled the deeper set spots.
Final Thoughts: At $32.00, I would purchase if I had a little extra money (hello tax refund), but otherwise I would pass for my regular spot treatments.

R+Co Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner
I have super thick, long, semi-coarse hair. The small containers are almost laughable to me – so thumbs down on amount of product. I used the entire bottle of shampoo. My hair does feel really clean. The shampoo didn’t really have a smell to it.
The conditioner was strange. It reminded me of the consistency of Smashbox foundation primer. I couldn’t really feel it when I put it in my hair – so hopefully I got it in there evenly. The smell of the conditioner was nice. My hair felt super clean – but also stripped of natural oils. I also kind of assumed that it would help to break down my very minor dandruff, but it didn’t. But nonetheless, it got the job done.
Final Thoughts: $25 for the shampoo, and $25 for the conditioner, I wouldn’t buy it. I would instead go for OGX scalp therapy Australian tea tree shampoo and conditioner, which is much cheaper and not only removes buildup but also utilizes argan oil so it doesn’t completely strip your hair.

Whish Shaving Cream
I used this shaving cream with high expectations. It did not live up to my expectations. The cream did not lather up very well, and I did not notice any different between using this shave cream or my usual EOS shave cream.
Final Thoughts: Considering that a full size of this shave cream costs $16.00, I would not buy.


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