Thoughts On Moondust Palette



Back in the day (ca. 2010 or so) I discovered the stardust eyeshadows that Urban Decay made. I think I must have caught the very end of this line, as they were discontinued as soon as I started to buy them. I loved how glittery they were and enjoyed wearing them as frequently as was socially acceptable.

When I saw the moondust collection coming out I did a little inner scream. I was really excited to see the new colors and compare them to the old stardust shades.

These eyeshadows are packed with glitter and look so pigmented in the pan. The colors are beautiful but apply so-so. I notice a lot of fall out with these shadows but nothing too extreme. I used an eyeshadow primer and it helped to hold onto the shadow and there was less fallout. The colors are definitely buildable and very easy to blend. However, the color “specter” was noticeably less pigmented than the others and you can definitely see it in the photos below.



Top to bottom: Specter, graphite, element, lithium


Top to bottom: Magnetic, vega, lightyear, and galaxy.

I liked many of the individual colors from the Moondust collection, and was actually disappointed at the selection of colors for the palette. I feel like the company deliberately did this to try to make more money.



Dark Cloud

The palette is $49, and come with 8 different shades. You can also buy individual pans for $21 each. I am not a huge fan of the color choice in the palette, but also wish that the individual pans were the standard $19 – like their less glittery counterparts. Another downfall is the palette does not come with a brush and I have mixed feelings about that. I think it would have been convenient to have a brush dedicated to all that glitter.

I think I made a good choice buying the palette and also the one individual color. I like many of the shades in the palette, but also just loved the color Dark Cloud. I recommend this for anyone who likes a big punch of glitter for a fun and playful look.


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